Mitteilungsblatt des Bochumer Bürgervereins

Bochum, September 2004                             Nr. 8


Bericht Lotte Goldman geb. Wohl über ihren Besuch in Bochum

Vom 11. bis 18. September 2003 kam Lotte Goldman geb. Wohl auf Einladung der Stadt Bochum zu einem Besuch in ihre Geburtsstadt. In einem Bericht „Holidays 2003“, den sie uns zuschickte, beschreibt sie ihre Eindrücke von diesem Aufenthalt:

„...This was followed by a pleasant train trip to Bochum, the city of my birth. The mayor, his staff, Doctor and Mrs. Schneider of the University of the Ruhr, the Bochum Archives staff, the Bochum Museum staff, and the Jewish community (mostly Russian immigrants), made us most welcome, showed us around, were extremely generous in time and gifts of books, information and artifacts, not to speak of entertaining, and wining and dining us for a solid week. We certainly appreciated the good will and generosity of spirit that they offered. Besides myself two brothers and the wife of one, living in Canada, were part of our group. They had suffered a great deal more in their life after Bochum, and had histories that were more interesting to the Bochumers than my own. In any case the whole week in Bochum was a wonderful experience...“

(Lotte Goldman)